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Specializing in Design & Construction of Private Recreational Lakes & Ponds

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H2Otto Consulting

Those who live outside the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma service area can still benefit from owner Mike Otto’s expertise through his consulting company, H2Otto Consulting. He assists landowners all over the United States and Mexico with the careful planning, good design, and ongoing management considerations of their new or existing private lakes or ponds. 


Mike is dedicated to providing consulting services that based on small town values and 21st century technology.  So, no matter where your property is located, Mike can assist you with creating the lake or pond of your dreams, whether it is for livestock, fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife, or just plain beauty.


It is no problem for Mike to come to you for a full on-site consult.  Phone consults are also a convenient, cost-effective possibility, with initial consults available at no charge.

To learn more, click here to visit H2Otto Consulting online


or call the office at 1-800-882-DIRT (3478).