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Specializing in Design & Construction of Private Recreational Lakes & Ponds

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You won't find any recordings here—just a family business working to make your family operation stronger too.


From private lakes and ponds, to golf courses and resorts, to wastewater treatment and commercial and agricultural applications, E P Aeration is the answer. What does the E P stand for? Environmentally Positive! We use no chemicals to kill algae, and our ultra-low energy consumption not only saves money, but is also Environmentally Positive! 

No more nails, splinters, maintenance, or headaches with your new EZ Dock modular dock system. With our Floating Dock System, you can have a new easy dock without the hassle involved with a traditional boat dock.

Gray Construction, a father-son business based in Middle Tennessee, performs all types of excavation work specializing in lakes, ponds, and roads. We can meet all your earthmoving needs including: building sites, land clearing, and riding arenas.  

We offer a full range of analysis, management, and other consulting services, all with a focus on improving the quality of your waters.

Control aquatic lake and pond weeds with our boat-mounted cutter, the Jenson Lake Mower.


At Natural Environmental Systems, we believe in clean up and preservation by natural means, not chemical means. As the world's population continues to grow and industries and businesses expand, there is more waste than ever, creating a large demand on our natural resources and an even larger demand for them to be conserved and maintained.


We offer a great variety of sport and forage fish for stocking in Texas lakes and ponds.  We also offer lake and pond management products and services to help you meet your fishery management goals.  Our fish are available by express direct delivery on our specialized live fish transport trucks, or by customer pick-up at the farm.  We invite you to take a look at the website. 


We now have skimmers for sediment basins, a variety of pond liners, aerators, and fountains, end wall sections from Hartman, and multiple selections of ourlet control structure devices for detention and retention ponds.

Queen of the River Consultancy


For more information please contact:     Michael J. Mitchell

                                                                        Senior Aquatic Biologist / Planner

                                                                        (303) 651-2514

                                                                        Cell: (303) 589-2178


Southeastern Pipe and Drain Systems is your single source for all of your drain and pipe system needs. We are distributors of ADS HDPE plastic pipe and PVC pipe and fittings.


Southern Sportsman Aquatics & Land Management can assess water chemistry, fish populations and inventory aquatic vegetation with state-of-the-art equipment to create a management strategy for the kind of quality fishery & aquatic ecosystem you desire.

LMV sprayboats take the application of algaecides and herbicides to a new level.  Using high volumes of solution and blanketing the area with the product is what makes the LMV sprayboat the most efficient means commercially available to treat lakes and ponds.

Still Pond is a family farm, started by mother nature millions of years ago when quartzite veins pushed up through the Piedmont''s schist bedrock, cooled, folded and with time cracked and fissured. The veins of cracked quartzite became natural conduits for groundwater, causing this rolling property to be laced with spring heads and feeding a little brook.  



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