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Specializing in Design & Construction of Private Recreational Lakes & Ponds

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Yes, I want my own private lake or pond!
Where Do I Start?

Owner Mike Otto, published the book "Just Add Water" in 2015, and its a great place to get started. Constructing a lake or pond is much more than simply digging a hole and filling it with water. Mike's book takes its readers through the entire process, ensuring that they launch their own project with much greater understanding and knowledge of everything involved. Mike  discusses, in layman's terms, all the considerations that go into building a lake or pond, including:

Planning & design
Moving the dirt 
Maintaining water quality
Vegetation issues
Fish management
Government regulations & permits
And much, much more.

There are also many entertaining and relevant stories that offer readers a peek 
into Mike's personal character, expertise, and sense of humor.  


"If you are thinking about building a pond or a lake, buy this book.  
Where else can you get 40+ years experience for less than it costs 
to go out to eat on a Saturday night?"
                                                                                   --- Pond Boss Bob Lusk

"Just Add Water" is available for only $36(incl. shipping)
Simply click on the "Buy Now" button above to order online!
Or, call us today at 1-800-882-DIRT (3478)