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Specializing in Design & Construction of Private Recreational Lakes & Ponds

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Plenty of Reasons for Lakes or Ponds on your Property

There are almost as many reasons to build a lake or pond on your property as there are lakes and ponds!  Not only do they significantly increase the value of the property, but family members and neighbors will come from all over for a chance to fish.  Mike says you never see a kid with a fishing pole and tackle box getting into a police car, so take those kids fishing!  Swimming, boating, attracting wildlife, and simply enjoying a relaxing, scenic view are just a few more good reasons.


Dusk is a great time for relaxing with a fishing pole in your hand.



Kids will never want for entertainment with a pond nearby.



      Lake + Kids + Canoe = FUN!!!                       Peaceful Waters = Peaceful Mind



Kids & wildlife, such as these geese, are equally attracted by a nice lake or pond.


Watching the sun set at your own lake can make for some high quality family time.



The whole family - even those with four legs & fur - can enjoy a nice pond!