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1-800-882-DIRT (3478)


Do you dream of a private lake or pond on your property?

We help your dream become a reality!

Our owner Mike Otto is an expert in helping you plan your private lake project from the very beginning, in the actual construction and/or renovation of your lake or pond, and in its proper maintenance and ongoing management. 


Established in 1979, Otto’s Dirt Service features an experienced construction team and utilizes all types of earth-moving equipment. The crews can do virtually everything associated with the creation or renovation of private lakes and ponds, including:

  • Digging new ponds and lakes

  • Building dams and emergency spillways

  • Installing pipe,

  • Creating shore lines & duck paddies,

  • Constructing fish structures,

  • Making roads and water crossings,

  • Repairing erosion damage and leaks

  • Cleaning out or renovating existing lakes and ponds, and much more

Once construction is complete and the water is in place, Mike can also offer assistance and advice through his consulting company H2Otto Consulting and his close association with well-known marine biologist Bob Lusk, also known as the "Pond Boss," regarding:


  • Water quality,   

  • Vegetation issues,    

  • Fish habitats,   

  • Fish population management, and much more 

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Our owner, Mike Otto, published his book 

"Just Add Water" in 2015.  In it, he discusses everything about building private lakes & ponds from initial planning & design, actually moving the dirt, maintaining water quality, the right vegetation, stocking & managing fish,

and much, much more.


His book is available for just $36, which

includes shipping.  You can order your copy online by clicking

on the "Buy Now" button on the right, or by calling our office

at 1-800-882-DIRT (3478) 


"Mike Otto is one of those rare people that does what he says he will do and then does it well. I strongly recommend Mike Otto and his firm, his reputation in this field is unequaled."

"In the last two years, Mike completed two large ponds for me. Honest, reliable, and talented. I highly recommend... without reservation."

"My experience with Mike was great! He is a man of integrity and hard work. Mike will do whatever it takes to get the project done right. Everything was on a handshake and we had no issues arise that we didn't work through easily. I highly recommend Mike Otto."

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